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3 Things You Can Do For your Garage This Summer

Your garage door is used virtually every day, multiple times of day. It is also one of the most noticeable features of your home’s exterior.

it is important to maintain your garage because it is used nearly every day — it is fairly visible — it can pose a safety risk, when left unmaintained. The summer months are the perfect time of year to work on your garage, because the weather is warm. Consequently, this blog will detail three things you can do for your garage this summer.

Clear Clutter

It is easy for your garage storage spaces to become messy. This summer take advantage of the warm weather, remove unnecessary clutter  from your garage. Decluttering is a great way to clear space and create more room in your garage. More space, means more room for bikes, kayaks, and other funny summer toys.


Most homeowners know, it’s easy for debris and trash to sneak into your garage overtime. Clean your garage seasonally to ensure it stays looking great. Summer-time is perfect for a deep clean. Soap and water will go a long way to making your garage look great.

An Expert Opinion

After you clear your clutter and polish-up, give Pro-Lift Garage Doors a call. It is smart to schedule a garage inspection when it’s clean and organized, because you can easily point to problem areas. The experts at, Pro-Lift Garage Doors , will happily inspect your garage and help you resolve any garage problems you may have. Invest in semi-annual garage  inspections for a safe, well maintained home. Our team of certified professionals look forward to working with you.

Rely on  Pro-Lift Garage Doors to help you with your summer garage prep! Our experienced, highly trained team has the skills and tools to resolve your most difficult garage door problems.

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5 Things You Should Skip at a Garage Sale

Garage sales are a great way to support your neighbors and find some fantastic deals. Many garage sales offer fantastic items that would be significantly more expensive if bought new. Still, there are some things that are better left for donation or the bin.

In this article, Pro-Lift Doors will be sharing 5 things you should skip at a garage sale; it is our hope that your may able to apply this advice the next time you are shopping at a garage sale, or even considering hosting one yourself.

Helmets and Hats

Pro-Lift Doors recommends buying helmets and hats new. Helmets are best bought new because a single accident can damage the overall structure of the helmet. The helmet you are purchasing may be unreliable during an accident.

Further, both hats and helmets pose a small sanitary risk — they often look clean, but are harboring disease and potentially, lice. While this may seem low-risk, do you really want to chance it?

Car Seats

Similar to helment, a used car seat may be a safety risk. You don’t know what the car seat can withstand when it is bought used. Car seat can look brand new, but still pose a safety risk. We encourage you to always buy car seats new. For a further safety step see if your local fire department offers free car seat safety checks!


Okay — buying used tires is often a smart move. In fact, when dealership sell used tires you will often save significant chunk of money. But unless you are a mechanic, we encourage you to but your used tires from a dealership or auto shop. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, it’s incredibly easy to purchase a punctured national tire that may not fit the model of your car.


It should be easy to know that swimsuits and undergarments are better left for the bin, but this is a common garage sale item that people to sell. It’s incredibly easy for bacteria and bed bugs to stick to these garments, and if you wash them at home you risk contaminating your entire wardrobe. Purchase swimsuits and undergarments new — period.


Once again, makeup has the potential to carry lots of bacteria and disease. You don’t know the health or hygiene habits of the person you are purchasing second hand makeup from. Keep your makeup fresh.

We hope you found this article helpful. At Pro-Lift Garage Doors, we are dedicated to our customers and work hard to provide quality care. With over 40 years of experience in our field you can count on use. Our highly trained staff and local owners will make sure you are taken care of.

Give us a call today at: 888-824-9947. We look forward to hearing from you!
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4 Easy Tips To Make Garage Parking Simple

Depending on the size of the garage, driver, and vehicle model — garage parking can be tricky. If you or someone in your household is having trouble parking in the garage it can be insistently frustrating. Luckily, there are many simple steps you can take to make garage parking a breeze. In this article, Pro-Lift Garage Doors will share four ways to make garage parking simple.

Check Your Mirrors

Consider tilting or folding your mirrors inward to create more room. This simple trick may allow you enough room to easily squeeze into a tight garage. Naturally, you can also use your mirrors to better navigate your parking space. Ensure you are utilize your car’s mirrors to their full potential.

Take A Lesson

Ask a skilled driver to show you how to best park in your garage. Watching a friend or family member park inside of your garage may be exactly what you need to park well. Learn from a pro — it will eventually provide you with the skills needed to park properly.

Create More Room

Free space in your garage and create room for your car. Use a free weekend to declutter a packed garage. This weekend chore will reap many benefits, creating more room for storage, ridding yourself of junk, and it will make parking easier.

Have A Guide

Avoid damaging your car — create a parking guide. A parking guide can be as simple as suspending a cord or tennis ball from your garage ceiling. The key is having an established mark to guide your car into the correct place. If you find your garage wall to be a challenge as well, consider investing in a durable parking aid that will prevent damage.

Pro-Lift Garage Doors strives to offer helpful garage door, garage, and auto advice. We hope you found this article helpful! If you are in need of our service, our experienced, highly trained team has the skills and tools to resolve your most difficult garage door problems. You can reach Pro-Lift Garage doors at: 888-824-9947.

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Garage Hacks – To Keep Your Garage Organized and Tidy!

Okay, Let’s be honest. Garages can be so messy! There’s the boxes that didn’t make it to the goodwill yet, the 5 family bikes in the middle of the floor, the tools we can never quite seem to find… It’s like getting lost in a maze. Maybe, you skipped your garage during Spring Cleaning? That’s okay, Pro-Lift has some great tips on how to organize your garage.

Don’t forget to reach out to PRO-LIFT for your Garage Door needs today.

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Garage Doors Do Double Duty

No longer just a portal to parked cars, these glassy walls open to let the feeling of outside inside.

Why open a window or a sliding glass door when just pushing a button will make the whole wall disappear?

More architects and home builders are using garage doors in unusual places to achieve an airy effect. The look is sleek, and the doors don’t take up floor space.

Here’s a look at some homes where the garage doors got away from the garage.

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Three Ways to Freshen Up Your Garage Door

Are you looking for a little extra curb appeal, without paying the cost of a full garage door replacement? Look no further. Our experts at Pro-Lift Garage Doors have put together a few quick and easy design tips to refresh the look of your garage door and home at large, for the true DIY-er in all of us.

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Safety and your Garage Living Space

It’s no longer uncommon to convert a garage space into a full-fledged shared living space. If a DIY project is on the horizon to create your dream game room, lounge space, or band practice haven, the garage may seem like a prime location to make your dreams a reality.

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Garage Door Trends

As times change, so do the design preferences and demands of homeowners. In 2017, a few popular garage door trends have developed nationwide.

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Improve Your Garage’s Light Quality: With Pro-Lift Garage Doors

Chances are your frequently have to navigate your garage after the sun has set — during the winter months this is especially true. Maybe you need to get something from your freezer — Perhaps you forget your wallet in the car. Whatever your reason, adequate lighting will make your garage easier to navigate, especially at night. In this article, Pro-Lift Garage Doors will share three lighting solutions that many benefit your garage.

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3 Safety Tips for Using your Garage Door

As functional and commonplace as garage doors may seem, they actually pose a large potential hazard to homeowners and family members when they’re mishandled. Not only are garage doors heavy, but they also stay in place with thick, strong, highly taut steel torsion springs. The tension of these springs fluctuate when lifting and lowering the door, and have the potential to cause major injuries to homeowners. This makes operating and repairing garage doors a higher risk than most homeowners imagine. Luckily, that’s where the experts come in.

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